What is BdFISH?

QuestionsCategory: Fisheries ResourceWhat is BdFISH?
admin asked 7 years ago
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Anonymous answered 7 years ago

BdFISH (Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home) is an online platform. For sharing fisheries information, BdFISH is launched and maintained by BdFISH Team. To buildup an easy access database of fisheries information, BdFISH shares fisheries relevant information special reference to Bangladesh through different websites. Such as BdFISH Feature, BdFISH Bangla, BdFISH Document, BdFISH Gallery, BdFISH Quiz, BdFISH Event, BdFISH Dictionary, BdFISH Reference and BdFISH Yellow Page. All activities of BdFISH are non-commercial as well as voluntary. Reference: http://www.bdfish.org

Anonymous answered 7 years ago

BdFISH also publish a journal entitled “Journal of Fisheries”. The web address of the journal is journal.bdfish.org

Anonymous answered 7 years ago

To provide the maintenance cost of BdFISH, an online workshop entitled “BdFISH Workshop” has been launched. Web address of the workshop is workshop.bdfish.org

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