Why still we are unable to culture cat fishes?

Anonymous asked June 3, 2016

I am a fishery student. I wanted to be a scientist in fisheries. I wanted to know about breeding and aquaculture of cat fishes (Rita rita, Wallago attu etc.)

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We unable to culture catfishes (Rita rita, Wallago attu, Clarias batrachus, Heteropneustes fossilis etc.) due to facing some constraints. Such as –

  • Not available of catfish seed in the whole country. Because still today artificial breeding techniques of most of all catfishes are practiced mainly under experimental condition. Seed of some catfishes (like Clarias batrachus, Heteropneustes fossilis) are produced in large scale in a specific district.
  • Required protein rich fish feed is not available. If found, price is high.
  • Production cost is high. As a result, a large investment is needed to establish a catfish farm.
  • Market price of cultivable catfish is low than natural.

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