How much DO requirement in carp culture???

As I know oxygen requirement is depend on body weight of species. I want to high density culture with use  of aeration facility. But I do not know how much aerator or how much species ( Rahu, Catla, Mrigala) are can be stock in 100 m x 100 m x 1.5 m pond. water exchange rate 20 % with 7 day interval.


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In carp culture, the normal Oxygen requirement is 5-8 ppm that means 5-8 mg/l water.
Oxygen level (ppm) : Effects on fish

3 or < 3 : physiological activities such as growth, reproduction etc. are hampered
1 or <1 : mass died
In carp culture, if you use aerator, 20-50% water change weekly, supply supplementary balanced feed regularly, you may stock 10-15 thousand individuals in 100 m x 100 m x 1.5 m pond depend on the size and species of fry.


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