what is brood?


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  • a number of young produced or hatched at one time; family of offspring or young.
  • a breed, species, group, or kind.

verb with subject

  • to sit upon (eggs) to hatch, as a bird; incubate.
  • (of a bird) to warm, protect, or cover (young) with the wings or body.
  • to think or worry persistently or moodily about; ponder: to brood a problem.

verb without subject

  • to sit upon eggs to be hatched, as a bird.
  • to dwell on a subject or to meditate with morbid persistence (usu. fol. by over or on).


  • kept for breeding: a brood fish.

verb phrases

  • brood above/over, to cover, loom, or seem to fill the atmosphere or scene:
  • The haunted house on the hill brooded above the village.

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