What are the differences between BFRI and FRI?

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The popular elaboration of BFRI is Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute. It is also known as FRI (Fisheries Research Institute).
On the other hand, another elaboration of BFRI is found on Google search results and that is Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI), previously Forest Products Research Laboratory (FRL).
BFRI or FRI : at a glance
The fish and fisheries are integral part of the culture and heritage of Bangladesh. The sector is quite significant in the country as it offers an important source of earning livelihood, foreign exchange and food supply. Keeping in view the immense potentials of fisheries sector in providing better nutrition and job opportunities, particularly to the poorest of the poor, and the urgency for optimum scientific utilization of the aquatic heritage, the President of the people`s Republic of Bangladesh was pleased to promulgate an Ordinance entitled “The Fisheries Research Institute Ordinance, 1984” on the 11 day of July 1984. In pursuance of this Ordinance the Institute was established in July 1984. In 1997 the Institute was renamed as Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI). Through the institute was established in 1984, it actually started functioning in 1986 with the recruitment of required manpower and creation of initial research facilities. Since then, the institute has been playing a key role in assisting the nation to achieve the goal of fisheries development as set out in successive development plans.
The institute is an autonomous research organization and linked up administratively with the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock. The general direction, administration and supervision of the affairs of the institute is vested in the Board of Governors. The headquarters of the institute is located in Mymensingh. The institute has 5 stations and 5 sub-stations based on different aquatic ecosystems. The overall research, training and management activities of the Institute are carried out in close cooperation and linkages with various national and international organizations/agencies. The inter national organizations are: WB/IDA, IDRC, FAO, UNDP, USAID, NACA, IFAD, ICLARM (World Fish), ACIAR, DFID, NORAD etc. The institute pays much importance to strengthening its capabilities of its scientists, administrative and management personnel through in-country and overseas long and short-term training, study tour etc. mainly overseas through WB/IDA, BTA, MONBUSHO, USAID, FAO/UNDP, IDRC etc.
To transfer the technologies and management practices developed through research, the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute organizes regularly specific training programs to extension workers, farmers and others namely Improved fish culture management, Brood fish and hatchery management for seed production, Carp poly culture, Culture system for tilapia and cat fishes, Farming system research methodologies, Backyard shrimp hatchery, Fisheries and environment, Fish disease diagnosis and health management, Fish genetics resources, Shrimp culture and management etc.



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